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Continuing Education

Photography is in a constant state of flux, which requires continuous education for the photographer. The SBF sections offer all members exclusive participation in SBF events and further education, be it software training, technical workshops, legal lectures or positioning workshops.




© Sebastião Salgado

The successful photo exhibition comes to Zurich

Sebastião Salgado is a well-known contemporary photographer who knows how to document the finite in pictures like hardly anyone else. The Brazilian-born photographer dedicates his successful exhibition "Amazônia", which has already been visited by over a million people worldwide, to the world's largest rainforest and its indigenous population. His photographs transport the viewer into the midst of magnificent vegetation. They convey the majesty of the vast plains and the mighty mountain ranges of the Amazon region. They give us a glimpse of the sound of rain, waterfalls and rivers and document the life and struggle for survival of man and beast. From 31 May to 24 September 2023, the exhibition "Amazônia" will be on show at the MAAG Halle in Zurich under the patronage of Zurich Insurance Group.