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Insurance Solutions

Association solutions for SIYU members

All insurance solutions listed below are exclusively open to SIYUmembers. Detailed information (further links) can be found in the login area.

Insurance of film and photographic equipment

In cooperation with the two insurance brokers AKTIVAS GmbH and Biennassur, SIYU has negotiated attractive framework agreements with special conditions. These equipment insurances are specially tailored to the needs of our professional field. True to the motto: more performance, less premium. 

The insurances cover damages at replacement value (replacement value for equivalent equipment) which occur outside the studio during transport or use. The main differences between the two providers are in the minimum premium, the scope (Switzerland, Europe, World), the deductible and the individual adjustment options.

Professional liability / Legal industrial protection for photographers

In cooperation with AKTIVAS GmbH, our association also offers other insurance solutions in the field of professional liability and industrial legal protection.

Per diem sickness benefit

The SIYU offers its members additional added value through cooperation with PROMRISK AG, a PROMEA company. In addition to social insurance, PROMRISK AG can also take out other insurance policies at absolutely preferential conditions. Simple, fast and at top conditions! 

AHV / Retirement fund

As a founder association, the SIYU is affiliated to the PROMEA social insurance schemes and thus enables our members to join the PROMEA equalisation fund, the PROMEA family equalisation fund and PK Optik / Photo / Edelmetall. With the social insurance PROMEA the SIYU has a strong partner, which allows the members to handle the most important social insurances efficiently and cost-effectively via a single service centre.