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Frequently asked questions

How do I find an architecture, fashion or advertising photographer ?
Under Search Photographers you can filter by different criteria. Find your photographer by subject area, region, postal code, etc!

What services does the SBF offer?

Legal advice, model contracts, general terms and conditions, non-binding SBF guide to the calculation of photographic commissions, social insurance and insurance solutions at particularly attractive conditions, and exclusive continuing education offers, SBF INFO Newsletter, Member Card, website under "Search Photographers" as well as a large online portfolio. The sections offer additional services and activities. If you would like to stay up to date, then please register for our Newsletter.

I am interested in a membership. What next?
Under "Advantages" you can see what we offer. In the requirements you can see what makes our members different. Does everything fit? Then let's get started with the SBF membership application form.

How much does a membership cost?
The SBF membership amounts to approximately CHF 350 per year. This amount may vary depending on the section and its events. Still in training or just completed: Then you can join us as a junior member for half to 2 years after your graduation.

How do I become a partner member?
Advantages and information can be found under SBF PARTNER. Please contact our President, we will be happy to advise you. Thank you! 

Is there an official tariff for photo orders?
The SBF provides a non-binding SBF guideline for the calculation of photographic commissioned works. This can be obtained free of charge under Advantages > Tariff.

Are there any differences to the fees of employed photographers or press photographers?
Yes. The non-binding SBF Guide for the calculation of photographic commissions primarily refers to studio and advertising photography.

How are the costs for the publication / use of archive images defined?
These are defined by the Swiss Working Group for Picture Agencies and Archives (SAB) and can be found at

I disagree with a customer regarding the cost of an order. Who can help me?
For legal questions (copyright, fees, AGB, legal and commercial regulations) please use our contact form legal advice. (fee required for non-members.)

Does the SBF offer special insurance?
The SBF offers its members framework contracts with insurers at favourable conditions. Information on the insurance offer for SBF members can be found under Advantages.

Who is responsible for training issues?
Click here to go directly to the training contact form.


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Schweizer Berufsfotografen und Filmgestalter
Photographes professionnels et réalisateurs de films suisses
Fotografi professionisti e videomaker svizzeri
Swiss Professional Photographers and Film Creators