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Advantages of a SIYU Membership

As a SIYU member you enjoy numerous benefits!

SIYU offers a powerful range of services, which is constantly being further developed. Especially appreciated is the free legal advice in professional matters for SIYU members, the networking among professionals and the own profile with portfolio on the SIYU website. Very popular are also the mediation of insurance offers at special conditions, as for example in the areas of daily sick pay, legal protection, transport insurance to name just a few. SIYUoffers its members access to SIYU events and exclusive further education offers, be it software trainings, legal lectures or positioning workshops. In addition, our SIYU members have access to exclusive insider information, such as model contracts, general terms and conditions, checklists, leaflets - and much more. 

Our photographers receive a SIYU Member Card, which identifies them as professional professional photographers and they are entitled to the designation "Photographer SIYU". SIYU provides its members with a special "SIYU Member" logo, which they can use for their own purposes, e.g. on their own website. Our members can submit their own news for the SIYU INFO - our public newsletter, which contains monthly current SIYU offers as well as information on general topics related to photography. 

SIYU also represents the interests of our profession on a political level. Those who would like to support our professions have various opportunities with us to contribute their commitment.

What does membership cost?
Membership of SIYU depends on the section and its range of events, and is between CHF 350 and CHF 450 per year. Still in training or just graduated? Then you can join us as a junior member for half to 2 years after graduation.

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