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Drones 2023ff - An overview of what applies and what is coming.

New regulations will apply to drone pilots from 1 January 2023. Switzerland will adopt the European drone regulations as of 1 January 2023 with a transitional solution.
The new regulations and explanations as well as information on registration / testing are listed on the website of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation.

Due to the urgency of the new situation and in order to clarify many questions, the SIYU Sections East/FL and Zurich/Central Switzerland held an SER event with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA on 30 January 2023 in Winterthur. On the one hand, a project group met with an expert from the FOCA to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities for closer cooperation. On the other hand, around 40 members met the same day for a presentation by the FOCA in order to obtain first-hand information and ask questions. Photos.

As a result of this event and due to the complexity of the licensing procedure, a small task force consisting of experienced drone pilots was formed under the leadership of Mattias Nutt (Section East/FL). In the coming weeks, the task force will work with the FOCA to examine whether and how the SIYU can support its members in the licensing process. As long as you fly in the "Open Category", you do not need a permit from the FOCA; but if you fly in the "Special Category", such a permit is necessary - the effort involved is very high and complex.
The task force will provide information on the development of the work here on this website and in the monthly SIYU newsletter.

The Task Force is trying to be able to present more concrete solutions by spring 2023.

30.1.2023: SBF event with FOCA in Winterthur. Foundation of a task force
9.2.2023: Discussion of task force procedure with FOCA

Task Force "Drones 2023ff
Mattias Nutt