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Photographers, as well as other natural or legal persons who professionally deal with photography are exactly right with us.

The main income should be earned through the exercise of these professions. Whether employed or self-employed in business: we like to see a snappy portfolio with commissioned work from recent years. Photographic quality: Whether trained or self-taught, we expect professionals with a professional standard. If you are in training or have just graduated, then become a junior member.

Uploading your portfolio to to attract new customers is by far not the only thing we offer to our members. Find out which numerous offers in the most different areas you can benefit from. Under Advantages or Membership you will find the answer.

SIYU membership amounts to around CHF 350 per year. This amount may vary depending on the section and its events. Still in training or just completed: Then you can join us as a junior member at a reduced rate and benefit from our many offers.

Interested in joining SIYU? Then let's get started with the SIYU membership application form. Don't forget to select the section so that it can get in touch with you. Thank you very much!