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SBF members get access to various events which may help their professional development as they offer members to strengthen their handcraft as well as their corporate skills. These events often include different sections. 

Lenzburg is dedicated to photography for more than one month.

Event period: 12. September - 25. October 2020

© Fotofestival Lenzburg

The Lenzburg Photo Festival is a new, up-and-coming festival in its third edition, which takes place for one month in Lenzburg, a charming small Swiss town with a historic city centre. The proximity to Zurich and Basel, the capitals of the international art world, enables world-class experts to participate.

The festival enjoys international recognition while maintaining its intimate dimension, offering photographers, experts and the public the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.
With exhibitions, events, workshops, photo book corners, portfolio reviews, discussions and meetings with experts from the world of photography, two exceptional photo festival prizes and the second Lenzburg Photomarathon, the Lenzburg Photo Festival 2020 is an event well worth seeing and should find its place on every agenda.

See you there.

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