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Pia Zanetti - A life in pictures

Event period: 23. January - 23. May 2021

© 2021 SRF

Pia Zanetti, born in Basel in 1943, has made a name for herself with committed reportage. She tenaciously asserted herself in a domain long reserved for men. Commissioned by publications such as Die Woche, Das Magazin, Du or NZZ, she travelled from the 1960s onwards, first in Europe, later all over the world.

She was one of the first female photo reporters in Switzerland - a committed and courageous pioneer who travelled to war and crisis zones. Today Pia Zanetti is 77 years old and not a bit tired. With Eva Wannenmacher, she looks back on her pictures and her life at the Fotostiftung in Winterthur. Weblink

Her interest was always in the people she observed on the street, at work, in the football stadium, at play or pondering. Unobtrusively, sensitively, critically and precisely, she recorded the small and large dramas that take place in everyday life - also on numerous journeys on behalf of relief organisations and NGOs, whose work she accompanied with her reportages. Pia Zanetti documented solidarity and resistance against injustice, but she also tirelessly sought those happy moments when dreams seem to come true.

For the first comprehensive exhibition, the photographer has brought to light from her extensive archive those photographs that are more than documents - memorable images in which she has wrested a piece of poetry from daily events and chance encounters with people.

The exhibition is accompanied by a monograph published by Scheidegger & Spiess and Codax Publisher, edited by Peter Pfrunder.

Weblink. The exhibition is currently closed due to Corona.

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