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SBF members get access to various events which may help their professional development as they offer members to strengthen their handcraft as well as their corporate skills. These events often include different sections. 


Event period: 18. - 27. June 2021

© 2020, Dave Honegger

Hall 550, Zurich-Oerlikon

photoSCHWEIZ is the largest exhibition of photography in Switzerland. Every year, more than 250 national and occasionally international photographers show their latest work.

Year after year, the exhibition provides a representative, up-to-date overview of photographic work in Switzerland and enjoys great popularity: a good 27,000 visitors flocked to photoSCHWEIZ 2020.

Participation in photoSCHWEIZ is open to all photographers from the fields of press, advertising and art (professional & amateur). Free works or commissioned works can be submitted. An important criterion is that the work was either created in 2020 (not older than 12 months) or is published/finished for the first time. A board of trustees will make the difficult selection of who may participate based on the submitted work and portfolio.

The show of work is complemented by numerous, spectacular special exhibitions. Weblink

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