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SBF members get access to various events which may help their professional development as they offer members to strengthen their handcraft as well as their corporate skills. These events often include different sections. 

Journée photographiques de Bienne | Bieler Fototage

Event period: 7. - 30. May 2021

© Journée photographiques de Bienne | Bieler Fototage


Identity crises, political instabilities, ecological transitions, economic restructurings – the photographers and projects exhibited in the 24th edition of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography create spaces to reflect about the implications of the ruptures that preoccupy our societies today.

At a time when political systems are in crisis, when debates about coexistence are sparking, when loud demonstrations resound around the world and social networks create a sense of community but also isolate us physically, the festival offers an insight into the contemporary image. In a mood of upheaval, this year's edition of the Bieler Fototage will question our collective unconscious and, who knows, recover a collective consciousness. Isn't it basically the case that decisive things emerge from ruptures or cracks?

The tour of the city of Biel includes more than twenty exhibitions, at different venues. Thanks to new synergies, the festival is able to participate in the launch of two special projects that will be presented during the exhibitions: the Enquête photographique Berner Jura and the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts. The Biel Photo Days will additionally be accompanied by lively encounters, performances, radio programmes and workshops.



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