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SBF members get access to various events which may help their professional development as they offer members to strengthen their handcraft as well as their corporate skills. These events often include different sections. 

Workshop New York

Event period: 15. May 2022

© Thomas Keller, The Bridge of Light, Neal Salvin Todd Weinstein

"The Bridge of Light" - A look inside New York's professional photography world. Photographers from Switzerland and Germany will get an insider's view of the New York photography scene in this workshop. Street photographer Todd Weinstein and Swiss-Berliner Thomas Keller have been running the photography workshops in New York since 2007. Young, ambitious photography students are in exchange with photographers from all over the world and with Todd Weinstein, the experienced and established street photographer. Weinstein is a door opener behind the scenes of the New York photography and art scene.

With the photography workshops in New York, we continue the project-based teaching method of photographer Ernst Haas. It is based on encounters, dialogues and exchange. Weinstein assisted Haas in almost all of his workshops from 1972 until his death in 1986. "To dream with open eyes", as Ernst Haas said, is the idea we share with every student. The workshop is meant to inspire participants to find their own inner voice, to rely on their heart and their own instincts; to start something without a plan and to lay the foundation for something that is deeply connected to their own feeling.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to meet photographers, designers and artists in person. Direct contact with professionally successful photographers and artists on location in New York, as well as those who are still at the beginning of their careers, provides a deep insight into professional and personal biographies. Participants are also encouraged to develop their own project.

Another important part of the workshops is the group experience. The exchange among the participants plays a central role and makes this experience in New York one that is formative for one's artistic career and life. Over the past 15 years, around 200 students have taken part in the workshops. They offer participants the opportunity to make and deepen friendships outside of regular study. These can later help to develop a professional collaboration, which is also what led us to the photo workshops in New York. /tk

Workshop costs: CHF 450 (students), CHF 900 (normal price)
Further information: or Thomas Keller: thomas(at)

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