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SBF Personal: Markus Müller


© Markus Müller. Fashion-Shooting

Since he has always been interested in creative work, it was obvious for Markus Müller (38) to pursue a creative profession. After his apprenticeship as a designer in advertising technology, he trained as a web publisher at the EB Zurich and attended various courses (video production/Adobe Premiere Pro) and post-production/Adobe After Effects), also at the EB Zurich. In this way, his great hobby, photography and videography, also found a place in his everyday professional life.

Markus felt the urge early on to set up something of his own. However, he had to be 37 years old before he dared to take the step into self-employment. He has never regretted the decision and is glad to have had the courage to live his dream. Markus recently joined the SBF.

You photograph, film and also offer graphic design and content management. Why these different offerings? Because I don't want to limit myself in the diversity of creative work and I wouldn't call myself a classic photographer, videographer or graphic designer, but much more a content creator.
How do you manage to balance everything? Discipline and good planning, I would say.
Do you see these different offers as a competitive advantage? Definitely! In the digital age, photography and videography are overlapping more and more, as are the needs of the customers, so I think it's an advantage to have a broader offer. That way I can serve my clients to the fullest.
Are you more of a photographer or a graphic designer? I think neither. I see myself as a "content creator" who creates multimedia content. 
On your website you often find the word creative - why? Because I would describe myself as creative and I believe that without creativity, practising my profession would not be possible.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to still be creating multimedia content with a lot of joy, but then maybe with my own small team.
What motivated you to join the SBF? It's nice to belong to a community of like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas when needed. As a self-employed person, however, joining a pension fund was also a big concern for me. Belonging to the association also exudes a certain professionalism.


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