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Merger of SBF, vfg and USPP: a first, important step has been taken


Signing of the merger agreement between the representatives of the Executive Boards/Presidential Commission of the vfg and the SER Zurich-Central Switzerland. (front from l.t.r): Alexander Sauer (SBF ZZCH), Gian Vaitl (vfg), (back from l.t.r) Susanne Martinez Garcia (on screen, connected from Barcelona, vfg), André Oldani (SBF Treasurer & SBF Assist), Pierre Lehmann (USPP), Marion Bernet (SBF BEEM), Beat Ernst (SBF Legal Commission). All persons on this picture are also members of the 3x3 fusion group Picture: Stefano Schröter ©2023

Finally, after three years of preparation, many workshops and negotiations, on 24 February 2023 the representatives of the SBF Section Zurich Central Switzerland (SBF ZZCH) and the vfg in Zurich took the first of two necessary steps towards the merger of the three Swiss photographers' associations and signed a merger agreement.

Link to the "Merger" Website

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