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© Pia Kramer, Urbanes Stilleben, 2022

Pia Kramer. In summer 2022, after 10 years of professional experience in marketing, in the administration of a publishing house and in the retail trade as a trained bookseller, the Fribourg-born Pia Kramer (34) will complete her part-time degree in photography at the Bern/Biel School of Design. In 2023, Kramer wants to realise her dream of becoming an independent photographer with her own studio in Burgdorf, step by step - alongside her part-time work at the publishing house.

Pia, who now lives in Kirchberg, tells the SBF editorial team about her start in photography and part-time self-employment. 

How did you find your way into photography as a career changer? It was a longer process. Photography has been with me for a long time. When I needed a career change in my late twenties, the desire came to deepen photography and choose it as a second profession. Although other options were open, photography and the urge to live out my creativity finally won out. 
What fascinates you about photography? I am fascinated by people and their stories, exciting encounters and places, as well as the opportunity to capture all this with my camera. The camera should not be a disturbing factor between me and my subject, but a link to transform moments into pictures authentically and honestly. 
You have gained various professional experiences outside of photography. Does this experience help you now? With these professional experiences, I have filled my rucksack well and can always fall back on what I have learned, be it social skills or acquired knowledge in the various fields. 

Is it an advantage to go into self-employment with professional experience? Definitely for me. A few years of professional and life experience help to assert oneself in self-employment - for example, in terms of dealing with people or with oneself. I have life experience, I'm more stable in life and I know who I am and what I want better than I did when I was 20.
How is your start in self-employment shaping up? I'm still at the beginning and I don't put myself under any pressure. I'm taking my time to find and position myself as a photographer. After completing my studies last year, I see 2023 as an opportunity to give myself the space to push ahead and realise my development as an independent photographer step by step.  
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Difficult question! I hope to be self-employed and no longer employed part-time. One thing is certain: the camera will still accompany me intensively. I don't know if my work as a photographer will be the only one. I can also imagine a combination with other work. Whatever that will be - I'll let myself be surprised. 
Why are you with the SBF? The association not only offers exchange among like-minded people and the opportunity to make contacts. The SBF is also a platform to keep one's finger on the pulse, be it through the further training offered or through the opportunity to make a difference or get something off the ground together.


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