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© Nicole Kym, Wedding in Basel

Nicole Kym. Nicole grew up in Pratteln. She lived in Lucerne for several years and returned to Basel 13 years ago. Photography was a great passion for the career changer for many years. In addition to her work at the time, she started her own business in 2015 and has been working as a professional photographer ever since.

Photographing weddings can be demanding. She tells SBF about how Nicole prepares and carries out these shoots without missing the most important moments, how she deals with bad weather situations and excitement.

What brought you to photography, specifically wedding and family photography? As a creative person, I have always had a passion for visual art and photography. I find it fascinating that photography gives me the opportunity to stop time and capture precious moments and emotions. The combination of creativity, technique and interpersonal interaction makes wedding and family photography a fulfilling profession for me.

How do you go about a shoot? There are always a lot of emotions involved in a wedding/ or family photo shoot. It is therefore significant for me to build a trusting relationship with the couple or family. I take the time to get to know the people, also to find out what their ideas and wishes are. A relaxed and familiar atmosphere helps people feel comfortable in front of my camera.

How do you work? I usually work with natural light and prefer a documentary style. I think it's important that the pictures look authentic. My clients feel comfortable and enjoy the experience, while I make sure to capture the desired moments and emotions.

Are there also difficult situations? Yes, for example in unforeseen weather conditions or in difficult lighting conditions. I have to remain flexible. Romantic pictures with umbrellas are also possible in the rain! Despite my experience in wedding photography, I am always trying to expand my skills and knowledge. Every wedding is unique and there are always new situations.

How many cameras do you work with during a wedding shoot? I work with two cameras and two different lenses to be more flexible and to be able to switch between different perspectives faster. With two cameras I have a backup option in case one camera fails or a technical problem occurs.

How do you make sure you don't miss key moments? Experience, planning together and working closely with the couple help. In order not to miss these moments, I try to find out what is important to him. Shortly before the wedding, I then receive an "exact" schedule. 

On the wedding day I also work with the witnesses, the priest, or the wedding speaker. I clarify where I am allowed to stand or ask about moments that I am not allowed to photograph. I ask the organising team about planned surprises and the caterers when the wedding cake will arrive. During the wedding I am attentive and actively look for special moments.

How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? There are many talented photographers working in this field. I see the competition as something positive. It motivates me to constantly improve and not to stand still. I focus on quality of work and customer relations.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? As a wedding and family photographer, I want to continue capturing beautiful and meaningful moments for my clients. I hope to continue to develop as a photographer and refine my skills.


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