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SBF Merger


© Stefano Schröter, 31.3.2023, Zurich. Joy reigns after the signing of the merger agreement.

Merger agreement. At the logistically demanding event of 31.3.2023, with its two general assemblies and a founding event at KV Zurich, the merger of SBF ZZCH and vfg was sealed "by absorption" of the latter.

The voters present (vfg: 27, SBF ZZCH: 30) approved the merger agreement with only one abstention. This clears the way for the second part of the merger to become a national federation.
Alexander Sauer and André Oldani from the SBF, as well as Gian Vaitl and Susanne Martinez Garcia from the vfg, were clearly relieved to have completed an important part of this ambitious project. Pierre Lehmann (USPP) was also pleased. He now felt a good tailwind for the further negotiations. 
The great joy was also clearly noticeable among the participants. Thanks to an elaborate, prudent and always transparent approach, it was possible to convince the members of the advantages of a merger. 
The next workshop of the 3x3 steering group will take place on 15 May. The main topics will be the new name and logo of the future federation. The vfg will then only be present "ideally".

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