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© Michel Jaussi, Airport Kloten

Michel Jaussi. The Aargau photographer Michel Jaussi - an SBF member for 30 years - is known for his aerial photographs taken with a drone or during a spectacular helicopter flight. After training as a photographer in Bern at the end of the 1980s, Jaussi set up his own business in 1992. He achieved early success with car photography in the landscape for Mercedes-Benz. Today, he specialises in landscape, transportation, tourism, aerial, architecture, industry and corporate photography.

Jaussi no longer has a studio; instead, he now works from home in Linn (AG) or from a helicopter. His passion is open, impressive landscapes and city panoramas, as well as working out key visuals down to the last detail. For the fifth time in a row, he is one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide by Lürzers Archive.
You are an expert in drones and aerial photography. Why did aerial photography become your speciality? I really enjoy working in nature. Experiencing the moods in the early morning or towards evening, especially when the sun is low - that enriches our profession. Aerial photography came naturally at some point. If you want to realise extraordinary images in the landscape and cityscapes sector, you can't avoid getting the camera into a higher position. This is often the only way to create shots with an epic effect. My successes in this regard prove me right.
What are the economic advantages of drone photography? You have to invest a lot in training, testing and equipment. If it's necessary for the project, I get into helicopters. I've been doing this for many years. I've been working with high tripods since 2013, and I've been using large drones since 2015, but I've often had them realised as contract work and in my company. In 2017, I invested in a large drone and completed the relevant training. It was the right decision for me. I am now very flexible and independent when it comes to realising projects. But it also made sense to invest in a large drone for financial reasons. I now also use it for smaller jobs.
You use helicopter flights for your aerial photos. What are the challenges in terms of safety? The most important thing is to plan the subject well. I have to know the lighting conditions in advance. When is the right time for the realisation? Safety aspects are very important for helicopter and drone flights. With drone photography, I am solely responsible for safety and therefore have an even greater responsibility.
Sustainability is very important to you. How do you realise this theme photographically? For around 10 years, I have been trying to show that the topic of renewable energy can be realised in an attractive way. With these pictures, I also want to show that such plants can change and enrich the landscape. I often also see an aesthetic in them and can thus contribute to the discussion.
One of your specialisms is photographing cars in the landscape. How does this fit in with the topic of sustainability? The photography of cars in the landscape has declined significantly in the meantime. On the one hand, many things are now realised in CGI, while on the other, such productions are usually carried out once internationally and then adapted for all countries. As a contractor, we need to take a sensible approach to questions of sustainability. It's not up to me to question the client's visions and wishes, but to support them with my knowledge.
You've been with the SBF for 30 years. How has the association changed during this time? The association is more professional today than it was back then, when there was no World Wide Web. The association has continued to develop and utilise new technologies.
As a long-standing member, how have you benefited from the SBF? I have benefited a lot. Starting with the Promea compensation fund, through several appearances in the SBF Bern Mittelland book publications, which were sent to the entire advertising industry, to dealing with legal issues and the joint development of the Sora licence for association members in connection with the new drone regulation (adoption of European law).
What do you want from the future SBF? That the association remains highly committed and keeps a strong focus on future topics.

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