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SIYU Legal Commission


Topic AI - round table of the creative industry.

Under the leadership of Audiovision Schweiz, the creative industry has regularly convened its associations for a round table since autumn 2023. The aim is to establish the position of creative professionals vis-à-vis Albert Rösti's Federal Office of Communications. As in the EU, legislative action on AI is considered necessary. The following issues are at the forefront of protecting and exercising the rights of creatives:

- Dealing with the consent requirement for machine learning with protected content
- Waiver of new and extended limitations and exceptions in copyright law for machine learning and AI
- Waiver of new protection for purely AI-generated works
- Obligation to declare the use and disclosure of the sources of AI applications

SIYU represents the concerns of photographers at the round table.


I in the media - Press Council guidelines. Today, we can no longer know whether an image is a photograph or a collection of pixels created by AI generators - the results are now too perfect. What may be a blessing for art and advertising producers is a dangerous balancing act in the field of journalism.

The Swiss Press Council has therefore just published guidelines on the use of AI in the information media. Unfortunately unsuitable, says photographer Christoph Schütz in his article on persö Comments are welcome.

The linked articles are only available in German.

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