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SBF INFO May 2021


© Peter Schulthess, Versteckte Trouvaillen

What is hidden in the boxes that were stored in Peter Schulthess' cellar until recently? In his article, Schulthess, a member of the Executive Committee of the Basel - Northwest Switzerland Section, gives us an insight into the Section's archival work. There is not only a lot of work to be done, but also some great archive finds, which we will report on here in loose succession.

In the Personal Interview, photographer Reto Cortesi gives us an insight into his life during the pandemic and how he found his way back into professional life after a stroke of fate.

A great exhibition in Soglio in Bergell gives us an insight into a time that will not return. Travelling in Switzerland is still the trend this year! EIZO, on the other hand, offers an insight into the way they work with a new monitor and the Lucerne photographer Margherita Delussu lets us look into her studio - she is looking for a studio partner.


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