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Merger process SBF/vfg/USPP


© Marion Bernet, Fusionsgespräche

Assessment of the current situation. On 1 June 2021, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, the steering group - the representatives of all the associations involved - was able to meet in person for a one-day workshop in Bern.

The meeting took place under the group's own leadership. Marion Bernet (SBF) and Philippe Weissbrodt (USPP) prepared and chaired the workshop. The aim was to consolidate what had been discussed and achieved so far, to take stock of the current situation and to plan the way forward together. In this way, the rough draft of a new, joint structure as well as the joint offer and a possible membership model could be outlined and discussed.

It is clear that the current conditions for members will remain more or less the same, but that the offers of the previous associations will be available to all, so that members throughout Switzerland can benefit from the new and attractive overall offer. The three associations have also agreed to discuss these results in more detail in the next step.

For the next meeting, we plan to draw up a first, rough budget for the new association so that we can check further ideas and innovations - also with regard to their feasibility. Above all, we will once again focus on the common values and future visions of the three partners. All in all, the team has now reached an exciting phase of discussions and the next workshop is being planned. We will inform you about the further progress in due time.

Marion Bernet, SBF 

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