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© Dominik Baur

Dominik Baur. Zurich-based photographer Dominik Baur has been working as a freelance photographer for a decade and runs a photo studio in Bülach. Baur specialises in portrait, reportage and advertising photography. His penchant for perfection, coupled with a portion of patience, curiosity and joy in meeting people, characterises his photographic work. His strengths lie in the conception and development of new image ideas and visual worlds. Shots are realised in the studio, at his clients' or in nature. He completed his training in Zurich in 2009 and has been a member of the SBF since 2018.

Why did you become a photographer? I took an analogue photography course at school, which I really enjoyed. During my commercial apprenticeship with a photographer, I realised that I was very interested in photography. So I attended a few semesters at the School of Art and Design.
What fascinates you about photography? What I love about my profession is that it is versatile and varied and that I get to work with great people. That's also when photography comes into being. There is no other medium that can capture and portray a moment so well. Besides my commercial work, I am interested in other cultures and shooting directly from life.
You run a photo studio, but also offer a photography course? With my photo school Baur, I and other photographers pass on their knowledge about photography. At first it was a second pillar for my start into self-employment. Today I teach less, but I still enjoy passing on photography knowledge.
How did the book "The Flow" come about? When I surf, I am free in my mind. I think about nothing, have no worries. It's like "meditation" for me. I share this feeling of mental immersion, the "flow", with my partner, the designer Biliana Roth. In order to capture this surfing spirit photographically, we decided to go on a surfing expedition in 2019.
After we had found a publisher and the concept and interview questions were in place, we travelled by bus to the most exciting surf spots in Europe. The result is an illustrated book with surfing pictures and portraits of 25 extraordinary people from all over the world who have one thing in common - a passion for surfing.
Do you surf yourself? Yes, I am a keen windsurfer and my surfing level is also improving (albeit slowly).
Did you stand on a surfboard for the photographs? I mostly took the surf action pictures from the shore. The cliffs on the Atlantic coast lent themselves well to bird's eye views. A few times I stood with the camera hip-deep in the water to get closer. My surfboard only came into play after the photographic work. 
Were there any special situations? We spontaneously approached people who caught our eye and arranged portrait sessions with them. I remember the touching situation with a young woman who was carrying her baby in one arm and her board under the other. She told me in tears that she had learned to surf to get over the death of her mother and to draw new strength from it. 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years as a photographer? I want to try and incorporate my personal style more into my commercial work. I also want to take time for free work and continue to enjoy my profession, learn new things and develop myself further.
Why are you with the SBF? For me it is important to be there. We photographers should exchange and discuss more with each other. The profession is changing and we can help determine its future together. I hope to have more time in the future to participate in SBF events.


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