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SBF Section Bern Mittelland


© Marion Bernet, 2021. SBF Arena: Discussing in small groups.

SBF Arena "Business Model Future - The Perfect Offer". The third edition of the SBF Arena series "Business Model Future" on 26 October at Denkbar Bern was fully booked and attended by members from all over Switzerland.

In order to elaborate on the topic of "The Perfect Offer", the organisers of the SBF Arena invited the owners of various advertising agencies to discuss with them how they work with us photographers and what an ideal offer looks like to them. In this way, unclear points could be addressed and misunderstandings clarified.
In various groups, the participants also exchanged views directly with the contact persons and on both sides there were exciting insights into various topics. For example, rights of use were a recurring topic. The SBF Arena series will be continued at the beginning of next year. We will keep you informed.

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