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© Mayk Wendt, Chatrina Mair, cheesemaker, Tschlin: "If I am somewhere where there are no mountains, I am lost."

Spiert Engiadinais/ Engadinergeist. "Patria es l`uman; impustüt ad al tocca nossa fideltà- Homeland is man; to him above all belongs our loyalty". (Max Frisch): Long winter months, a harsh climate, glaciers, wild ones, gorges, narrow valleys, origin of the Inn, art and culture, tourism and guests, a deep attachment, long-distance but also homesickness. All this and much more characterises the people of the Engadine.

Journalist Fadrina Hofmann and SBF photographer Mayk Wendt set out to find the Engadin spirit. They visited 30 people in the Engadine, portrayed them and asked them what makes them Engadine.

The Rhaeto-Romans, the small mountain people who make up only about 0.5 percent of the resident population of Switzerland, are a minority. The culture, but especially the language of this minority, is threatened with extinction. With the book, Hofmann and Wendt want to show the uniqueness of the people and thus also contribute to the preservation of Romantschia.

The book has been on sale since May 2022 and is published by Kulturbuchverlag in Romansh and German. 

Spiert Engiadinais / Engadine Spirit
184 pages, 27 x 21 cm, hardcover, thread stitching
ISBN 978-3-905939-83-5, CHF 42.- 
Kulturbuchverlag Publisher

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