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Event period: 16. November 2020

© August Meyer, Cattle dealer Levy on his way to the cattle market in Laufen, around 1920, Museum Laufental, Sammlung Schaltenbrand

The "look back" - the emergence of landscape photography. is an internet-based environmental education portal. The freely accessible website illustrates and documents the changes in nature and landscape in the Basel region over the last 500 years with texts and 8000 images and photographs as well as time travel.

What is the relation to the SBF? The module Photographers documents the history of photography in the field of landscape and nature photography. Anyone interested in a "look back" - from the black box to 0-1 coded photography today - will find this information including a supplementary photo gallery in this module.

With comparative landscape photography, which complemented and later replaced realistic landscape painting, the changes in nature and landscape can be documented particularly impressively