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IYU Personal: Daniel Fahrni


[Translate to Englisch:] © Daniel Fahrni, Islay, Schottland 2021

Born in Bern (*1958), after almost 20 years as an entrepreneur in the assessment, coaching and training sector in Bern, Lucerne and Zurich, Daniel Fahrni was in the mood for something new.

After selling his company, Fahrni wanted to take off again as a freelance photographer. Daniel, who had studied media, communication and political science as well as education, had been interested in photography for a long time. After completing his training at the Swiss School of Journalism MAZ/ Photography degree programme (2022), he went straight on to the Advanced Technical College for Design, Communication Design and Photography in Bern, where he is currently in the final diploma phase.
You were born in 1958 - what was it like for you to attend school with younger people? Very exciting. The majority were between 30 and 35 years old.  It was impressive to see how fast they were travelling. And of course they are very creative and adept at using digital media. I learnt a lot from them.
What do you gain from these training courses, apart from the technical skills? For me, it's not just the technical aspects that are key, but also the networks that can be built up in this way. Thanks to my various professional experiences, I now have a broad network of contacts that can be helpful for my future photography work. 
You are now in the final phase of your degree, what next? I will work as a freelance photographer and take on assignments myself. I've always been interested in topics relating to people, space and design. I will concentrate on photo reportages and author photography and realise these. Perhaps this will result in a book or an exhibition. Anything is possible. 
You live in Bern, where will your studio be? I don't need a big infrastructure. My studio will be in the countryside, in nature, where I move around and where I find the stories. 
You are a new member of SIYU. What are your expectations of the professional association? It is clear to me that it represents the interests of the association's members externally and offers services internally. In my view, the association could be more politically active. I'm looking forward to getting to know the SIYU scene better, meeting people and networking.
Which association programmes would you find helpful? There is already a varied programme. I will start by familiarising myself and getting a detailed overview. Then I'll be able to answer this question better.