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New professional association for photography throughout Switzerland "SIYU professional photography switzerland"


The new Swiss professional association for professional photography "SIYU professionelle fotografie schweiz" will be launched on 1 January 2024, with the merger of the three previous photographer and film designer associations SBF, USPP and vfg. The new joint presence unites the interests and activities of the three associations, creates new opportunities and strengthens the presence of professional photography.

The merger of the Swiss Professional Photographers and Film Designers (SBF), the Union Suisse des Photographes Professionels (USPP) and the vereinigung fotografischer gestalterInnen (vfg) has been finalised. The newly founded professional association "SIYU professionelle fotografie schweiz" will begin its work on 1 January 2024. 

The first talks on the merger of the three photography associations SBF, USPP and vfg took place a good three years ago, leading to a joint declaration of intent in 2022. This resulted in a new concept to represent the entire spectrum of modern photography and to give themselves a common face. This year, the three associations formally approved the new professional association with the new name "SIYU professionelle fotografie schweiz".

The objectives, services and activities of the three associations will be combined and expanded with new opportunities for involvement in all areas of interest in modern photography. The door will be opened for the involvement of members, but also for engagements with external interest groups.

SIYU is an artificial word, based on the English "see you". In addition to visual vision, SIYU also stands for "I See You", the understanding of content that characterises professional photography. Professional photographers are both creative image makers and service providers. Photography is extremely diverse and constantly changing. It encompasses not only the entire range of classic and modern photography, but also moving images, drone shots, image processing, CGI, AI and future technologies. SIYU stands for this diversity of photography and creates an open, progressive platform.