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© Viviana Galletta

LUMIX S 50 mm F1.8 - a lens with many shooting possibilities. Panasonic presents the LUMIX S 50 mm F1.8, a new fast and weather-resistant lens with a flexible 50mm standard focal length suitable for a wide range of subjects - from portraits to landscapes. It ensures high-quality video recording by minimising focus breathing as much as possible.

The aperture can be adjusted in extremely small steps, making exposure changes almost stepless. Weighing only approx. 300 g, the lens is so compact that it can easily be taken along to any shoot. The F1.8 lens series has a uniform size and position of the controls to allow the same intuitive operation or easy adjustments for the use of follow focus. Identical dimensions also allow the use of the same 67mm filters, the same matte boxes or an underwater dome port with different focal lengths.